Terra Energy & Resource Technologies, Inc., a corporation duly registered in the State of Delaware (USA) and Terra Insight Services, Inc., a corporation duly registered in the State of New York (USA), possesses valuable and proprietary natural resource exploration technologies (“the Terra Technologies”) and offers exploration services (“Terra Services”) using the Terra Technologies in subsurface exploration and identification of oil, gas, water, minerals, gems and other valuable elements otherwise referred to as resources (“Resources”) and has the ability to enter into contractual agreements for sale of Terra Services, which services the Company believes uniquely determine prospectivity and locate Resources with lower time, cost and risk as well as greater success rates than the industry norm.

The Terra Company there by desired to appoint Shree Krishna Infrastructure Limited as their “Market Partner” for India in context to the above mentioned services.

Further Market Partner possesses valuable and significant knowledge and contacts in or in connection with the Market and desires use of Terra Services in connection with Resources exploration services to be provided to companies in the Market or Resources interests it has or seeks to acquire.

The Market Partner had committed to become conversant and persuasive in the features, benefits and advantages of deploying the Terra Services in exploration efforts to find natural resources.

Market Partner educates prospects for exploration services about the advantages of Terra Services and confirm their interest (defined herein as “Candidate(s)” and covered by this Agreement as such).Market Partner shall only introduce Candidates to the Company which show demonstrable interest and a basic understanding of Terra Services. Sending mass lists to the Company (like sending the phone book or an industry list) without any relationship between Market Partner with Candidate or work by Market Partner to educate Candidates on Terra Services is discouraged and may result in refusal to pay fees for introductions.

Some Glimpse Of The Meeting With Mr Dharmendra Pradhan Minister of Petroleum And Natural Gas and Skill Development And Entrepreneurship